The region is primarily represented and made up of its people, their competences, skills and knowledge. They are the biggest capital, resource of a region. Never in history has the quality of people represented a more important, competitive advantage.

The development of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County is moving in the direction of connecting the key factors of social and economic growth, with a focus on investing in innovation, raising productivity and competitiveness.



The most diverse and attractive
Croatian region

An ideal tourist destination
for all generations

Region with smart i
sustainable islands

A place of active living
with a high quality of life

Talented and open people,
with developed skills

Quality and fast connection with
Central and Eastern Europe

Important national
research institutions

business environment

Developed traffic
and logistics infrastructure


A long tradition
wood processing industry

Headquarters of the pharmaceutical industry
based on the sea



GDP per capita (in EUR)

The first five counties
  • City of Zagreb
  • Isstarska
  • Primorsko-Goranska
  • Dubrovnik-Neretva
  • Varazdinska

Industry (value of products sold) in HRK

The first five counties
City of Zagreb / ​​22.880.810.000
Varaždinska / 10.239.549.000
Primorje-Gorska / 9.249.668.000
Međimurska / 6.339.519.000
Osijek-Baranja / 6.201.961.000


Investment projects

Success stories

Construction of a wind park in Krmpote

The construction of a wind farm as an environmentally friendly and available source of energy would contribute to an increase in the share of renewable energy sources in the Republic of Croatia, which is one of the priorities of the EU 2020 Strategy.

The port of nautical tourism in Porto Baroš

The conversion of port facilities into city facilities is based on the long-standing public and professional need for the integration of urban, residential and commercial facilities in this area, that is, on the need for the active coexistence of the port and the city.

Project Integra 2020

The Integra 2020 project is an investment and development project of the Jadran galenic laboratory, which plans to invest HRK 373 million in sterile pharmaceutical production, research and development, a new pilot plant and a robotic logistics and distribution center.

Construction of Luxury Restort&Spa Wellness Hotel Costabella

The new luxury resort Hilton Costabella 5* in Rijeka, with an enchanting view of the Kvarna Bay, is located close to the charming Opatija.

Road extension project from the Učka tunnel to Matulje

The highway route in the section from the Frančići interchange to the Matulji2 interchange is laid out so that the newly designed roadway is located on the northern, coastal side of the existing one, that is, on the left side in the direction of the highway station.

Investment in Rijeka Oil Refinery

Thanks to the facility for processing heavy residues, the product structure of the Rijeka refinery will be improved in such a way that the share of profitable white products, i.e. motor fuels, will increase. Production will cover all market needs and eliminate imports. Commissioning of the plant is planned for 2023.

Procurement of three new tanks for crude oil at the Omišalj terminal

JANAF invested almost HRK 280 million in three new tanks for crude oil, with a total capacity of 240.000 cubic meters.

Expansion and modernization of the rear port terminal in Šrkljevo

The project Expansion and modernization of the rear port terminal at Škrljevo is the largest investment project of the Port of Rijeka dd in the recent history of the company, which will increase the total operational and storage capacities for various types of cargo.